Membership & Pricing Tariff

Join the Virtual Health Club here.

Once you are a full member, you will be able to access all the member-only content on the site, and depending on your membership level, you will have access to the appropriate level of coaching. For one-to-one coaching, you need Gold membership – see below.

There is no tie-in for a minimum number of months. You can discontinue membership at any time.

You have a choice of levels for Subscription:
Standard Membership
Silver Membership
Gold Membership

Standard-Level Membership Special Price £10 per month. (No obligation to continue, you can cancel at any time.)
Benefits of Standard-Level Membership:
Access to members-only material on website
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Silver-Level Membership £47 per month.
All benefits as Standard-Level membership, plus:
Unlimited Coaching tele-meetings (group coaching – other members may be on the calls) – See Calendar for scheduled telemeetings
Plus Free Body Fat Monitor While stocks last! When they’re gone, they’re gone
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Gold-Level Membership £240 per month.
All benefits as Silver-Level membership, plus:
Help to set out your Personal Goals
Your goals written up for you, and step-by-step action plans agreed to show you how to get there. Then progress will be monitored with you to help you move forward and attain those goals.
Free Virtual Health Club folder to keep all your goals, notes and progress neat
One-to-One coaching call (or in-person meetings if this is your agreed deal) 4 x 45 minutes per month
And/or e-mail coaching if you prefer
Very limited places available. Please contact us to check availability, and to book your slot.


Tel: 0844 963 2380
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