Personal Trainer

personal trainer

Personal Trainer

A few spots for personal training are available. To take advantage of this service you will need Gold-Level membership.

On-line Personal Training is available to clients worldwide via e-mail, text and the website.

In-person Personal Training service is available locally, in the Northampton/Milton Keynes area.

Nick will help you to set out your goals, write them up for you, and help you to achieve them.

Here are some benefits of hiring your Virtual Health Club Personal Trainer:
1. Set specific goals with your trainer’s help and guidance
2. Bespoke programs tailored especially for you
3. Get more out of each workout for the most efficient use of your time and effort and for huge increases in progress
4. Motivation is easier to maintain when you have a trainer
5. More accountability so you are more focused and less likely to skip sessions!
6. Greater variety in your workouts ensures they are more fun and interesting, plus maximum physical benefits
7. No intimidation, being shouted at, or criticising. Only positive help, instruction and encouragement
8. Help to carry out each exercise with correct form for your health & safety and for best results
9. Achieve results beyond what you thought was possible!
10. Regular monitoring of weight, body-fat percentage and a host of other measures so you can see your progress against your starting position, and against your goals

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