5BX Plan – 11mins a day Body Toning and Fitness for Men

This simple and straightforward exercise plan called 5BX was created by the Royal Canadian Air Force back in the 1960′s but has stood the test of time, and is still very relevant now.

5BX Plan - 11 mins a day Body Toning

5BX Plan – 11 mins a day Body Toning

This comprehensive body-sculpting and fitness program takes just 11 minutes a day. The exercises require no gym or equipment, and can be done almost anywhere such as at home, or in a hotel room.

The comprehensive manual tells you everything you need to know, including  where to start, and what to do at each level so that you can achieve a slim, toned body and good level of fitness.

The program is well explained, and has illustrations so that you can see how to do each exercise.  All this and the program takes just 11 minutes a day.

Each exercise was developed and tested by the Royal Canadian Air Force, taking on board feedback from the classes and adjusting the exercise instructions for optimum performance results.

This program has no hype.  It is a well-thought-out, tried and tested set of exercises which are suitable regardless of your starting level, and all in 11 minutes a day.  Perfect for the 21st century life-style.

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