What are you putting up with? How to Lighten your Load

What are you putting up with?

What are you putting up with?

We humans put up with a lot of stuff, most of which isn’t necessary. Tolerating things holds us back, causes us grief and wastes our time and energy.

What are you tolerating? Perhaps you have a leaking tap, or maybe the car keeps breaking down, maybe you’re frustrated because you don’t have the computer skills you need, or you’re short of money.

Here’s how to lighten your load:

Make a list of all the things that you are putting up with in your life (keep it handy, because you’ll think of more and more things).

Everything on that list is like a heavy rock that you have to carry around. How much does your toleration sack weigh right now? If some (all!) of those tolerations could be got rid of, it would considerably lighten your load. Particularly if you prioritise your list and pick the ones that weigh the most heavily.

Now, jot down solutions against your list. Remember to make sure you get right to the cause of the problem, so that it doesn’t come back!

Can any of these tolerations be cleared by spending a little time to sort it out? Many tolerations just require a little effort to get rid of them.

Other tolerations of course require money to resolve, but often it is only a little. Put down your estimate against each toleration for how much you think it would cost to get it sorted. You may be pleasantly surprised, that some tolerations you’ve been putting up with can be easily resolved.

Once you have your list with costs included, you can start to make decisions and allocate funds to get tolerations sorted out one by one.

Review your list frequently, and add to it any new tolerations that come up. Soon you’ll be winning the battle, and you will feel a lot better.

Often, we’re taught not to complain, that life is difficult, not to rock the boat, to be grateful for what we have. Although not necessarily bad advice, we can still stop tolerating what is bugging us! Just think, how light you would feel if you had no tolerations – if you were a toleration-free zone!

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