How to Use your Calendar to Help you Achieve Goals

Use your Calendar to Help you Achieve your Goals

Use your Calendar to Help you Achieve Goals

You only have one body, and it serves you well.  You make a lot of demands of your body and expect it to serve you without complaint, which most of the time, it does.  Now you owe it to yourself to look after your body like it deserves.

You already know that working out is the healthy thing to do and you probably intend to work out regularly, but do you let other things that come up push your workout out of your schedule?   A top tip for achieving your health and fitness goals is to make your workout a fixed appointment in your diary.  Once it’s booked, don’t allow it to be pushed aside by something that comes up.

For example, imagine that you have a note in your diary that tonight it falls to you to collect your small child from school. If something comes up last minute at work, what is your response?  “Sorry, I can’t, I’ve got to get to the school to pick up my child…”  Quite right too.  It’s unthinkable to leave your child sitting on the pavement.

Well, your body deserves to be treated with as much priority.  When you have a workout booked into your diary, that should be a firm commitment that has high priority and should not be pushed aside when something comes up.  Imagine the scenario: you have a workout booked in for straight after work.  There’s five minutes to go until you are due to leave and your boss comes over to your desk – there’s an important matter to deal with.  What would you do?  Forego the workout?  What if you were just leaving to collect your child…you couldn’t just fail to turn up.

OK, there will inevitably be occasions when you really can’t make your workout, but think about what you would do if you were due to pick up your child.  You would do everything in your power to be there, and if you really couldn’t make it you would have to make alternative arrangements.  That should be the way you think about your workout.  If you really can’t make it, then you should be thinking about how to fit in that missing workout.

You want to achieve goals.  Make them a priority, book your workouts as appointments, and treat those appointments as important and unmissable.

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