Body Fat Monitor

Body Fat Monitor

£7.43 Carriage free (to UK mainland)

If you are a Virtual Health Club member, you can get one of these body fat monitor free.  Just submit your request at the bottom of this page.

body fat monitor

body fat monitor (click to enlarge)


Nominated “Top 10 Diet Gadget”
by the Daily Express

Small, simple, accurate.  With the body fat monitor you can determine what is really happening within your body when you take steps to lose weight and get fit. About the size of a credit card it analyses your body fat percentage in just 5 seconds. The Body Fat Monitor now makes measuring your body fat percentage easy, wherever you go. Ideal for travelling, for use at home or just keep it in your gym bag.

• Portable: Compact design fits in your pocket. You can monitor your body fat anytime and anywhere.
• Accurate: Most advanced technology provides result accurately.
• User friendly: Just enter your weight, height, age and gender.
• Program multi users: Storage memory up to 6 users.
• Ideal body fat composition: Display ideal body fat composition based on the user’s personal data. A great guide line to set your diet program.
• Large easy-to-view LCD display
• Body fat percentage
• Time of day
• Alarm feature
• Comfortable ultra-slim ergonomic measuring contact
• User replaceable battery (included)
• Compact and stylish


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