What to do after you’ve had a big meal!

On more than one occasion recently, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have meals out in very nice restaurants.  This has led to the inevitable over-indulgence on food (and drink).

We all overindulge now and then

We all overindulge now and then

These meals have been very enjoyable, and my philosophy is that,  on a now-and-again basis, it doesn’t do any harm.  It can even be argued that the occasional blow-out is actually a good kick to the metabolism (and good for morale too).  However, apart from finding the stuffed-full sensation uncomfortable, this sort of over-indulgence is not ideal on the quest for a sculpted body (not to mention the slightly fragile morning-after which I can definitely do without!).  So, I thought I’d put a few words together on my weekly musings, to talk about what to do if you do over-indulge.

The first thing you definitely must not do is give yourself a mental beating-up and surrender to the couch-potato-devil that is sitting on your shoulder.  He’s whispering into your ear telling you that its not worth bothering to work for that sculpted body as you won’t ever get there, and you might as well eat that packet of biscuits whilst you’re at it – don’t listen!  Never give up on your goals.
When I got back from a business trip this week I was tired and feeling the worse-for-wear after some very pleasurable over-indulgence.  I had two options before me.  One was to slob out on the sofa and fall asleep in front of the TV (very tempting…) the other was to get my arse in gear, get changed and get some exercise.
I gathered together my determination and my kit, and went out for a run.  Although it was tough, and I really didn’t feel like running, I took it fairly easy, and felt all the better for it when I got back.  Not only did my run help to burn some of the excess calories, it also got the blood circulating, and some fresh air into my lungs which was great to help my body start to get rid of some of all that rich food and drink I’d thrown at it over the previous 24 hours. It also made me feel pleased with myself that I’d resisted the temptation to slob-out and I even took the dog with me so he benefitted as well.
The reason for telling you all this, is not to preach or to brag, but to try to encourage you to make healthy choices. For every healthy choice you make it is worth it, and it does make a difference.  Even if you do over-indulge now and again, each and every healthy choice you make is moving you step-by-step towards your sculpted-body goal.  


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