How to Get Your Water Habit Established

Just a brief note about drinking water, particularly relevant in the hot weather.  It is recommended that you drink at least two litres of water a day, at least, more if you’re particularly hot, or if you’re working out.

Drinking Water is Crucial

Drinking Water is Crucial

Two litres can seem a lot if you’re not yet in the habit, but with practice you can get used to it.   It is definitely worth investing a bit of effort to get this habit on board.  Try thinking about your daily routine and see where you can fit drinking water in.  Here are some suggestions:

Have a think about how you can fit water into your day, and make a note in your diary of how much you’ve had, so you congratulate yourself when you make this habit stick.

* Measure out your two litre quota into a 2-litre bottle first thing in the morning, then keep it with you during your day, until it’s gone.

* Or have 4 x 250ml bottles handy

* You could drink directly from the big bottle, or pour out into a glass.

* Have half a litre before bed, instead of, or in addition to a hot bedtime drink

* Have water instead of other types of drinks during the day.  Maybe you have coke with your lunch, maybe try having water instead.

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