I’ll Pay You a Million to do a Workout…

I’ll Pay You a Million to do a Workout…

Did this headline get your attention?

Would an offer of a million be a compelling reason to workout?

Would an offer of a million be a compelling reason to workout?

Most people would be interested enough, at least to open the message and find out what I’m on about.  Of course I can’t really pay you to work out (sorry!), but the point is you need to have a compelling reason to workout, otherwise your inner conscience won’t give you sufficient impetus to get off your backside and do what you need to do.

You already know you should work out, you already know what you should do to get fit/lose weight/improve your health but perhaps what you don’t have is the sufficient drive that you need to make it happen.  If this is the case, don’t worry, most people have the same problem!

What we need to do is bring your goals to the forefront of your mind, or rather to the underlying driver in your brain.  We need to feed your inner conscience plenty of ‘fuel’ to get it to work on your behalf, so the small every-day decisions to make healthy choices are made a lot easier. This is because it’s your inner conscience that drives your decisions, not as you may think, your conscious mind.

You can make conscious decisions and make up your mind to do something, but trying to make something happen with just your conscious mind, with will-power, is doomed to failure.  This is why new-year’s resolutions usually fade into the distance by week two of January.  Your conscious mind has too many things going on to focus on your goals.  You need to bring into play the power of your unconscious mind.  That is where your every-day micro decisions are steered from, and this is where the real power-house is.  By using your unconscious mind you can really get somewhere, and make real progress.

This is actually good news.  This means that you can really achieve your goals, and you don’t have to worry about using your will-power.  Achieving your goals doesn’t have to be as hard as you perhaps think!  And this applies to all your goals, not just health and fitness related ones.

Once you have trained your sub-conscious mind you will find it a hell of a lot easier to put your plans into action.  OK, you will need to use will-power sometimes, to overcome every-day hurdles, but if you have the main power-house that is your sub-conscious on your side then you are well on your way to achieving your goals.

More on this in future messages.  Meanwhile, here’s a quick exercise to get started on bringing your sub-conscience up to speed:

Take a sheet of paper or a notebook, and write out your goal.  Now write down as many different reasons as possible, as to why you want to achieve that goal.  You may only be able to think of one or two at first, but keep the list handy, and you might be surprised, how many more reasons you can add over the next few days.  I’d love to see a copy of what you end up with if you’re happy to share.

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