Marathon Runner Gifts – This is The Perfect Gift for Someone Who will be Running a Marathon

Looking for marathon runner gifts?  This How to Run a Marathon Guide is the perfect gift for someone signed up to run in a marathon such as the London Marathon or the Boston Marathon.  If the runner is a beginner, this guide will show them everything they need to know in order to prepare, train for and ultimately run a successful race.  It even details what to do after the race. The guide is suitable for people who have never run a marathon before, and also for people who have run before, but want to improve their performance.

Many people do not prepare adequately for running a marathon and live to regret it when they struggle to finish or their races end in injury.  For example, of the people who are awarded a place in the London marathon, a whopping 27% do not make it over the finish line to collect their medals.  It is important to prepare for the race properly.

Nick Mitchell is a seasoned runner and has completed many races successfully.  He has been through the learning curve and has a lot of experience.  Now using that experience, Nick has prepared a guide for how to prepare for, and successfully run a marathon.  He has witnessed many people hit the wall, or stop through avoidable injuries, sustained through a lack of preparedness.  Research shows that the majority of entrants that don’t finish didn’t even make it to the start line.   Nick is saddened by this and says that in the majority of these cases, proper planning, training and preparing can prevent a non-finish.


Nick says: “People are often impressed when they find out the races I take part in but it’s really not that hard if you get yourself organised by following a plan.  I’ve been running marathons for years and I achieve my goals because I’ve got a proven system that I use and it works every time.”


Now Nick wants to let you into the secret so you can follow his plan and you too can breeze across that finishing line wearing a huge smile. He’s painstakingly logged advice, insider tips and secrets so you, or someone you know, can benefit from his experience. Nick says: “Over the years I’ve learned what to do, and what not to do and now you can fast-track to experience.”

Nick offers free tips and advice on all aspects of running a marathon.  Just go to and tap in your email address to start receiving free tips and advice straight away.

Gifts for Runners

Nick’s comprehensive manual How to Run a Marathon is available at  This manual is your essential guide to enable you to run a successful marathon.  It includes training schedules, advice on everything you can think of and lots you probably haven’t even thought of!  You need this manual if you want to cross the marathon finish line with energy to spare, in a personal best finishing time and with a big smile on your face.


If one of your family or friends has signed up to do the London Marathon or the Boston Marathon, this manual would be the perfect Christmas present for them as they can start benefitting straight away from the advice, insider tips and secrets as well as the training plans that will take them from their first steps, right up to the race, and beyond, into recovery.  More info here:

Marathon Runners Gifts

Marathon Runners Gifts – Nick Mitchell’s guide details everything a marathon runner needs to know to run a successful race



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