First Marathon? – Here’s How You Can Run a marathon successfully!

So, you’ve entered to run your first marathon, or you’re thinking about it.  You might be wondering “Can I run a marathon?” – well the answer is yes you can.  Even if you’ve never run a step in your life before, you CAN run a marathon.

Not straight away of course, you would need to work your way up to it, but the good news is that yes you can run a marathon if you want.  Just imagine – you could be running your first marathon in a few month’s time.  Here’s how..

How to run your first marathon

How to run your first marathon

The Check-up

First of all you need a clean bill of health so you can make a start on your marathon quest.

The Plan

You need to set out your objectives and your timescale.  If you are just starting out with your running, of course you won’t be able to run a marathon next week. You will need around four months of training to work your way up to your first marathon.  You may need more time than this if you are starting from scratch and need to build up your fitness. Don’t worry, we’ll help you…

The Schedule

To work your way up to running a marathon you need a schedule that sets out what you’ll be doing week by week and day by day (you’ll be glad to know you also get rest days – rest is very important to achieving your goals!).  It’s really important to stick to the schedule and not to overdo your training even if you feel you can carry on and do more, you must stick to the plan, or you could be sorry.

The Attitude

If you want to achieve your goal of running a marathon you have to get your head into gear.  You have to have that goal at a high enough priority so that you stick to your training plans and make it happen.

The Equipment

You don’t need a great deal of fancy equipment, but what you do need is suitable clothing, and the right shoes.  If you’re going to be running any significant distance it is crucial that you get your footwear sorted.  They have to fit right, and must suit your gait (running style) and the surfaces you’re running on.

Warm-up, Cool-down and Stretching

To keep your muscles working for you they need to be looked after, just like any machine really.  If you take care your body can take you through training and on through an enjoyable race day.


The machine that is your body also needs good quality fuel especially once you start getting onto longer distances.  The good news is that if you’re running regularly you’re going to need lots of calories!


I could go on all day about this subject, I have so much information for you, I have written a book!  Check out my manual that will take you from your first running steps through race day to crossing that finishing line with a huge smile on your face  It’s called How to Run a Marathon.

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