What’s the Simple ‘Rule’ That Naturally Skinny People Follow?

My niece is one of those naturally skinny people. You know, we all have friends or relatives who remain skinny whilst seemingly eating what they like. She eats like a horse and yet, fascinatingly, remains skinny.  If I ate like that I’d be as big as a house in no time.
Think "What would Skinny-Mini do?"

Think "What would Skinny-Mini do?"

So what’s the difference between naturally skinny people and the rest of us?

Well, I’ve observed one crucial difference in my niece’s behaviour, and my research on the subject has confirmed that naturally skinny people follow a rule, without realising it, it just comes naturally to them.  The good news is, that we can all follow this simple rule too, and it works!  We just have to think like a naturally skinny person.

Let’s think of an imaginary naturally-skinny person, we’ll call her Skinny Mini.  Now, lets imagine how Skinny Mini behaves around food.  She eats what she likes, right?  Yes, she does, but crucially, the other side of eating what she likes, is this:  Skinny Mini stops eating when she’s had enough, and she doesn’t overeat.  You may think that’s not true, Skinny Mini eats like a horse…well, she may well do, but if you closely pay attention to how much Mini eats over the course of the day, and week, you will undoubtedly find that she doesn’t in fact eat as much as it seems.  She eats according to her hunger, and crucially, if she’s not hungry she doesn’t eat.  Research has confirmed that this is the crucial difference to being naturally slim.

And that’s it, this devastatingly simple ‘rule’ that Skinny Mini instinctively follows without even realising it is the difference between being naturally slim, and not tending to put on weight like the rest of us.

So, next time you’re eyeing up some delicious temptation and having the conversation in your head, “I shouldn’t eat that….” just think “What would Skinny Mini do?”     

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