Marathon Nutrition Tips: Keeping Nourished During Your Marathon

Getting your marathon nutrition right is key to a successful race and keeping fuelled during your marathon is important if you want to finish.

Marathon nutrition is important for a successful race

Marathon nutrition is important for a successful race

What Sports Nutrition Product is to be Provided

Find out what sports nutrition product the organisers of your marathon will be using on the day and use this during your training.

This will ensure you know that the fuel you use during the race doesn’t upset your stomach.

If you find you can’t use this product you will have to work out how you will keep yourself fuelled during the race.

Feed-Stations Spacing

Assuming that the race-supplied fuel is OK for you, you then need to know at what distances the feed-stations are set out along the course.

Once you have established this you can determine your race fuelling strategy and can then practice this during your long training runs.

Training in this way will ensure you are well prepared for race day and are sure that the nutrition available will not upset you as well as knowing how much you are going to consume at each feed-station.


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