Here’s the Third Secret to Achieving Results..

Remember my messages giving secrets to produce the lean, firm and toned body that you want?  So far I’ve talked about Intensity and Variety.  Today I’m going to give you the third secret in this set.  Use all three secrets and you will be well on your way to seeing the results you want in sculpting your body. 

In addition to intensity and variety you also need to employ another powerful weapon, and that is…Rest.
This is a good one and I’m sure you’ll not find this difficult!  But, actually, rest must be taken seriously, in the context of your body-sculpting campaign.
Rest is the final stage of the exercise and must be considered just as important as the workout stage in the overall programme.  Rest gives the muscles the opportunity to repair and change and that’s where the real results are achieved.  If you workout the same muscle group too soon, you are not allowing the muscles to rest and recuperate, and are actually wasting your efforts.   If a muscle is trained too often it will simply break down and become weaker or at the very least remain the same. I recommend you leave at least a day between workouts for any particular muscle set to allow those muscles to rest.
So there you have the recipe for success: Intensity, Variety and Rest.  If you incorporate these three elements into your workout routine, you should soon start to see the results you’re looking for.




Achieve the Results you Want

Achieve the Results you Want

You already know that you need to workout.  But we all know people that have been working out for years, and their appearance doesn’t ever improve.  Maybe you would count yourself into this category.  Well, I have good news for you, because I’m about to reveal to you another secret of successfully re-sculpting your body to how you want it to look.

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