Here’s Another Secret to Achieving Results..

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the importance of getting the intensity right in order to see the results you want in sculpting your body. 

To produce the lean, firm and toned body that you want, you already know that you need to workout.  But we all know people that have been working out for years, and their appearance doesn’t ever improve.  Maybe you would count yourself into this category.  Well, I have good news for you, because I’m about to reveal to you another secret of successfully re-sculpting your body to how you want it to look. 


Achieve the Results you Want

Achieve the Results you Want


 In addition to intensity, you also need to employ another powerful weapon, and that is…variety.

Most workout routines lack variety, but this is a big mistake.  Remember when I was talking about how muscles need to be challenged, in order to respond and change?  Well, if you stick to the same programme every time, your muscles will learn and efficiently adapt to what you are asking of them.  Unfortunately, in this instance we don’t want our bodies to be so efficient!  The muscles will then not progress any further. You have to change your workouts and constantly challenge your muscles so that they need to change and keep up.   So variety is also key in your approach to working out.

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