Here’s a Secret to Achieving Results..

To produce the lean, firm and toned body that you want, you already know that you need to workout.  But we all know people that have been working out for years, and their appearance doesn’t ever improve.  Maybe you would count yourself into this category.  Well, I have good news for you, because I’m about to reveal to you a secret of successfully re-sculpting your body to how you want it to look.  Ready….

Achieve the Results you Want

Achieve the Results you Want


Getting the intensity right is key to seeing results.  The majority of people who workout in the hope of sculpting their body shape sadly get it wrong and largely waste their efforts.  This is because they either don’t realise the intensity is wrong, or they fail to put enough effort in to see the results they desire.

In most workouts very little time is spent exercising each muscle group, because the routine tries to cram the whole body into one workout.  As a result, none of the muscles have been trained intensively enough for the workout to be effective.  For effective training the muscles need to be properly worked.  The muscles must be placed under stress to which they aren’t accustomed.
To make the muscles stronger, we must damage them!  This may sound a little strange, but in order for the muscles to change we must slightly damage the muscle fibres.  Please note this is not the same as injuring them.

When you train it must be at a sufficient intensity to put your muscles under stress to which they are not accustomed.  As a result the fibres are broken down to some degree, and subsequently repair themselves.  But they do not repair themselves to the way they were before…they adapt to the new demands that have been placed on them, and grow stronger as a result, and this is what we want.  We want the muscles to tone-up.

This is where Feel the Burn comes in – if you can feel your muscles tiring, that means that they’re working hard enough to take notice.   Yes you have to put the effort in to see the results, but the good news is that you can then enjoy the results, instead of wasting your efforts.

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