What to Bring to Boot-Camp

I thought I’d jot down a few items that I suggest you add to your boot-camp kit, to go with your regular work-out gear:

Be well prepared for your boot-camp class

Be well prepared for your boot-camp class


An exercise mat will help to cushion you for floor work and will keep your back off the damp grass or hard tarmac surface.  This is not essential, but might make it a bit more comfortable for you.

A pair of gloves.  These may get damp and grubby so don’t bring your best suede gloves!  A pair of cheap gardening gloves will do just fine (just make sure they are a comfortable fit, not to loose/tight).  The gloves will protect your hands from the tarmac if we are on a hard surface and from the damp grass if we are lucky enough to be in the open air.

Also, make sure you bring a warm top which you can put on after the session so you don’t get cold.

Finally, a bottle of water is always handy to keep you hydrated, and a small towel for your hands and face can be useful too.

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