How to Avoid Injury Whilst Running

Don’t let injury stop you running your marathon.  In this article, Nick Mitchell shows you how to avoid injury in training for and running a marathon.

After weeks of dedication to your training it would be very frustrating to get struck down by injury.  There are some simple rules you need to follow to reduce the possibility of injury preventing you from training or competing in the race.

Avoid Injury

You should also schedule in “recovery” weeks.  As your training builds so does the stress and tension in your body.  To avoid over training and therefore overstressing your body you should build in recovery weeks to your training schedule.  Typically, every 4th week should be a recovery week.   A week where your training volume and intensity eases back to allow you to recover ready for the next build phase.

In the two or three weeks before your marathon you will begin the taper phase.  This phase allows you to build the reserves of energy that will get you through the marathon.  Unfortunately, you could start to feel so good and energised that you push yourself harder in training and end up injuring yourself.

So, avoid injury and enjoy your training for a marathon, running it, and triumphantly finishing your race.


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