Marathon Training Tips – Use This Top-Athlete Technique To Achieve Results in Your Race

Many people who want to run a marathon don’t make it to the finish.  Many don’t even get to the start-line.  Why?  Because they struggle with their motivation and either don’t finish their training or can’t push themselves across the finish line.  Don’t forget, a marathon is a tough race and not everyone can complete the race distance.  In order to ensure you aren’t one of these people you need to visualise your goal.


Visualise your goal coming true

Visualise your goal coming true

Firstly, you need to be clear on your goal, whether that is to cross the finish line or complete your race in a particular finishing tine.

Once you have decided on your goal you need to visualise the goal coming true - many times.  You should do this visualisation at every opportunity and one good time to practice this visualisation technique is on your long runs.  You should take some time during your run to picture yourself achieving your goal.  This should be done to such a degree that you can see not only the finish line but can hear the crowds and smell the atmosphere.  You can truly zone in to your visualisation and make it “real” in your mind.

Having repeated this exercise many times your brain will now look for ways to make this a reality and as you begin to tire your brain will subconsciously do all it can to make your visualisation happen.  To an extent you will be running on autopilot as your brain believes you have already completed a marathon so another is more than achievable.  All you have to do is keep running.


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