Running Marathons – This Simple Tip Could Make All The Difference to Achieving Your Goal of Getting to the Finish-Line

My experience in running marathons and coaching others to run this distance has given me the opportunity to observe and learn from different techniques and strategies that can give you the edge when running your race.

Running Marathons - this simple tip could make all the difference

Running Marathons – this simple tip could make all the difference

This tip is a tried and tested technique that will help you to finish your race relaxed and in good shape.

Tip: Concentrate on Your Posture for Smooth Running

As your race progresses you will begin to tire and your gait and posture may start to deteriorate.  This makes every stride harder and less efficient which exacerbates the difficulty you will have in simply moving forwards and getting to the finish line.

One way to help maintain your stride is to concentrate on your posture and this can simply be completed by running “tall” and looking towards the horizon.

It is easy to fall into the habit of looking down at the few feet of road in front of you.  This can bend your neck and put strain on your spine.

Try to look up and ahead.  Keeping the top of your head facing directly upwards towards the sky and your eyes focused towards the horizon means that you cannot hunch your shoulders over and this will automatically keep your stride relaxed and free flowing.

As well as the physical side of running marathons, your success has a lot to do with what’s going on in your head.  Concentrating on your body positioning like this will also give you something to think about which will help keep you focused.

This will help you to run a smooth race and help you to cross the finish line and achieve your goal.

Try this tip when you are running marathons to help you achieve your goal of getting to the finish line in the time you want.


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