What To Eat Before a Marathon

A question that I am asked regularly is “What should I eat before a marathon?”.  In this article I answer that question for you.

In the days leading up to your race ensure you eat only foods which you know are OK for you.  The last thing you want to do is eat a “new” food and end up with an upset stomach.  An upset stomach will give you discomfort and may cause diarrhoea which will will be very inconvient, will sap your energy reserves and your race will be over before it even begins.


What to eat before a marathon -Care for your stomach in the last few days before your race
What to eat before a marathon -Care for your stomach in the last few days before your race

In general terms you should eat a well balanced diet containing about 70% complex carbohydrate to ensure you have adequate energy supplies going in to your body.  Don’t over do it on any one type of food, as you want to start your race feeling settled not only in your mind but in your body as well.  Your digestive system should be in tip top condition and as ready for the race as your legs.


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