Tips for Race Day: How to Arrive Relaxed and Ready on Race Day

These simple tips for race day will prevent you from making this basic and common mistake which can in extreme cases, prevent you from running.

It’s amazing how many people put in weeks and months of training for a marathon only to leave their race kit preparation to the morning of the race.  This is almost certainly going to cause them to be stressed at the start of the race and they may even forget important kit.  I know of people that have turned up at the race venue and upon opening their bag have forgotten everything from their race number to their trainers.  You must avoid this at all cost and there’s a really simple way to do it:  make a list and pack the night before the race.

Ensure your kit is packed early to avoid race-day stress

Ensure your kit is packed early to avoid race-day stress

In the week leading up to the race create your list and start to collect together the items on the list.  Review this list several times and compare the list against your “visualised” race day.  The day before the race, pack your bag ensuring everything from the list is included.  As you wake up on race day you will know you have everything packed and there will be no scrabbling around last minute to find your kit and you will be able to arrive for your race start, relaxed and ready.


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